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Commercial Trampoline

                                                                                                                              COMMERCIAL TRAMPOLİNES

The history of trampolines, which are designed as a jumping area stretched with spring systems in frames in certain forms, dates back to the Eskimos. This tool, which was used by the Eskimos for entertainment, was redesigned in the 1930s and became a tool used in gymnastics as we know it. Trampoline, which is also used in the training of pilots and astronauts, appears in different fields from sports to entertainment in our time.

The jumping areas of trampoline models, which come with round or rectangular frames, are classified as strong or light according to the degree of jumping. Especially the traction trampoline models are ideal for performing many different exercises more easily and making safe jumps.

Of course, the biggest safety measure to be considered is the ceiling height for the moment of jumping and the surrounding area to be protected with cushions and similar materials for the moment of falling. Therefore, trampoline emerges as a more suitable sport to be done in the open air.