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We professionally produce and supply toys for children to enjoy with health and safety

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İnflatable Playground

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Service Spare Parts

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Salto Trampoline

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Commercial Trampoline

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Ninja Trails

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İndoor Playgrounds

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Softplay Playgrounds

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Trampoline Park

Toysmar Park: Soft Play Playground Projects

Soft play playgrounds are projects designed for children between ages 3-12. These playgrounds are play sets produced to make sure that children of spend their play age most efficiently, and that they physically and mentally develop to their full capacity.
During the production process of our Soft Play playgrounds, we meticulously consider every cm2 of our products, from the material of the toys to every detail of the platforms which may pose the slightest danger in order to ensure the safety of the children. We comply with the security systems set within the European standards for safety with unconditional principles of sanitation. We follow the world entertainment trends closely and increase our product range daily.
The positive feedback we have received from our enterprises all over Turkey has added to our enthusiasm and assured us once more of our commitment to our brand and our faith in the trueness of our path in our business. We owe many thanks to our loyal customers for choosing us.

Toysmar Park: Trampoline Park Projects

Trampoline parks are the newest and most popular entertainment trends. These playgrounds which appeal to all age groups combine the fun of bouncing around with sports. The trampoline part is the field where anyone who wants to let out the stress and fatigue of city life can spend hours exercising while having fun.
The trampoline park is a candidate to becoming the new essential feature of playgrounds by allowing multiple exercise activities to be done at once with its flexible concept that can adapt to any playground environment. It allows for the whole family to spend quality time together while at the same time contributing to the physical development of children. Toysmar Park is the place for the production and supply of trampoline parks manufactured on demand for the specific areas designated by our clients.